Monday, April 5, 2010

stuff i love

a quick list of stuff i'm loving today:

--a warm breezy evening to kick off baseball season. josh's team didn't win, but they'll have plenty of chances this week...five games in seven days!

--the way ben acted at the game. he was so good and cute tonight. i felt so proud.

--anna telling me that she wishes she could be part human, part mermaid. she really does.

--this cd.

we listened to it again tonight while i put ben to sleep. it's so, so good.

--listening to josh and anna giggle while watching the three stooges. remember them? my kids think they are hilarious.

--this recipe.

i made it tonight just for me after the kids went to bed. it's similar to john's favorite, but with shrimp, and it's yummy!

--knowing that my friend lisa is probably on her way to see her new child. she's adopting a toddler with down syndrome from eastern europe. on april 8th, she and her husband will meet with the state dept. of adoptions. please say a prayer for them, for their safety and for everything to go smoothly. so many prayers have been answered already for this little girl! i can't wait to hear all about it and meet alina.

happy monday friends.
good night. sleep tight.

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meg duerksen said...

love that CD. we have it too.