Monday, May 31, 2010

long weekend

we've been spending some quality time together this long weekend.

josh has a cold.
anna has spent the night at nana's two nights in a row.
ben has been a pistol.
it's rained off and on all weekend.

after many years of wanting and planning, we finally hired some folks to put a stacked stone wall around our flower beds and out front.

the wall is almost done so next week we'll work on the landscaping.

it's so exciting--feels a little like Christmas!

but there is still so much left to do.
my garden is full of weeds. but i feel too lazy to weed it.
the deck needs to be stripped and restained.
we are going on vacation soon and i haven't even thought about it yet.
my head is full of little projects that i want to do. but i feel too lazy to do any of them.
i just feel like laying around and chillin with the kiddos.

i bet i know why i'm feeling so lazy and tired.
ribs, beer, raspberry lemonade coolers, strawberry cheesecake, broccoli slaw, zucchini casserole, hamburgers, hot dogs...
it was all so good.
i'm in a food coma. i feel like homer simpson.
mmmmmm, donut, mmmmmmmmm.

i am going to have to post the recipe for the strawberry cheesecake.
it is awesome.
today, after a few bites, my dad says, "man, ame, i had no idea you could cook THIS good!"

happy memorial day friends!


Kelli said...

You have such a cute house Amy! I love it! :)

Garry said...

Can;t wait for your strawberry cheesecake recipe, made your Butterfinger cake this weekend and it was YUMMY!! Love your blog, your home and beautiful family!


Kylie Mc said...

please share your zucchini casserole recipe too! :)

p.s. the wall looks fabulous!

meg duerksen said...

i LOVE that!
we are shopping adn looking and thinking and planning for something similar.
i just want it DONE.
like yours.
gorgeous flower beds. :)