Monday, May 3, 2010


first off, a couple of random funnies...

josh sang the song "feliz navidad" at dinner tonight. where did that come from?

ben signed more and milk together. he was so pleased with himself when i opened the fridge and filled his cup.

when i came home today ben ran to me with his arms up in the air yelling "yeeaaaaa!"
and gave me the biggest hugs.

ben loves to pull buck's tail. buck does not like it at all.
i have to laugh every single time. poor bucky.

ok, moving on...

when i got to work this morning, i had a surprise waiting for me.
my friend glen (affectionately known as glennie poo) brought tricia and i some peonies from his garden.

i wish you could smell these.
they are heavenly.
so perfectly elegant.
i love these flowers. can you tell??

tricia was gone last week. i missed her terribly.
i took her picture--in case she ever leaves home again. :)

ain't she cute?
aww, tricia poo, i'm so glad you're back.
please have the coffee on in the mornin. i'll be in early.

to wrap it up...

i ended my day with some vanilla ice cream and a homemade peanut butter cookie.
oh and a glass of sangria.

life is good.

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Tricia said...

oh I missed you too!!