Friday, May 7, 2010


last night josh and i were reading in his bed.
his second grade class created a book and we were giggling over the funny stories and drawings.
we read one story a girl in his class created. her name is thu.
i asked him to tell me the right way to say her name.
he told me and then said, "she's chinese."
her story was about ho chi minh city--in vietnam. so i said, "maybe she's vietnamese like you are."

{this picture is from 2007, the last time john went to vietnam. beautiful, isn't it?}

i went on, trying to explain how his grandmother is from vietnam and is 100% vietnamese.
how grammy and pappy made his daddy so he is 50% vietnamese.
then how mommy (me) and daddy (john) made him so he is a quarter vietnamese.
he nodded, understanding what i meant.
then he said, "and ben is a PENNY vietnamese!"

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Kylie Mc said...

that's so cute! and wow, that picture is breathtaking!