Sunday, June 27, 2010

our yard

john came back on friday and we've settled back in our routine nicely.
yesterday was yard mowing day. all day.
today we went to target for a new booster seat for ben, a few bday presents and other good things.
i love target.
super love.

then later i took anna swimming.
just she and i.
or me and her.
???? (i stink at language!)

then after the sun had moved to the front of our house, we went out back to play in the shade.
sand/water table, football catch, swings...

there is a momma cardinal that used to peck on my kitchen window every day.
now she's set up a nest in my climbing roses--only a few feet from the window!
yesterday we noticed a few eggs in the nest and this afternoon they hatched!
we are all so intrigued by this little bird family, constantly watching out the window, watching her tend to her babies.

it's so hard to take a picture of her, hard to focus with all the branches around her and of course all the sunlight shining in the window, but there she is!

it's funny, but as i am doing dishes or preparing dinner, the momma bird and i watch one another, both of us doing our thing, caring for little ones, protecting our young.
and it's kinda a neat little thing we got going on.

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