Tuesday, June 15, 2010

today i'm thankful...

...for so many things.
little things.
but reasons to be thankful nonetheless.

in no particular order

-a husband who is a helpful partner

-my good ole dog, bonnie, had surgery today to remove a growth in her mouth and she's home recovering tonight

-a happy naughty boy who did awesome at speech therapy today. new signs/words: jump, frog, tiger, please

-josh had fun at speed camp today (football); he ran and did drills until he thought he would puke and thought that was cool (oh my!)

-john called on his way home and said he was picking up dinner at the grocery store so i didn't have to cook

-i found a few bargains at walmart today including boys' swimsuits for $3, jammies for anna for $3 and a shirt for me for $1

and walmart had the cutest tank tops for $5 that were so very boden! (i found them in women's pajamas of all places but they are thick and adorable--stripes and polka dot with pretty trim!)

-i watched toe wrestling in england and it was so nutty i had to laugh

-i talked to my friend julie again and i prayed for her today too

-anna's behavior really made me NOT feel very thankful, lots of backtalking and bossing her brother around, but when she was going to bed she wanted me to snuggle her and it was the sweetest thing ever

-josh read two of his required reading books for school already! only one more to go.

-knowing that my kids got to hangout with their grandparents all afternoon

-paper plates and napkins (hey! i really am thankful for them!)

-sonic cranberry limeade chillers

i think i could go on and on today. it was one of those days. not a perfect day by any stretch of the imagination but pretty wonderful all the same.

i hope you had a good day too.


T said...

We're thankful too, that we are here and can see all of you whenever we want to. We are also thankful for all our friends-Fran and Judy had a great time while visiting- and all family members! Love you Amy and John. Thanks for the grandkids! Love Nana

Kimberlee said...

Ben has beautifully loving eyes! I've been stalking a bit here, and have enjoyed your posts!
-Kimberlee Jost
PS.I'm a friend of Megan Duerksen's with a daughter, Ella, with Ds.