Monday, July 19, 2010

back to school?!

this weekend was very busy. crazy busy.
i feel so overwhelmed.
school starts in three weeks. and this time, all three of my kids will start school.
ben's new backpack came in. it's the perfect size for him.

i placed a mega order at children's place for some school clothes.
josh and anna have new shoes--i still need to find some for ben.
i need to start practicing getting up and out of the house by 7am.
that will take some work for sure!

i'm sure i'll write much more on this in the coming weeks but for now i have to run--josh and his friends have trapped a baby rabbit and now they are trying to feed it carrots!
i better go set that poor bunny free...

enjoy a few pics from our weekend, will ya? our lego building fun and some other tidbits too!

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Adrienne said...

It's crazy that summer is coming to an end! With school starting in August these days for most, summer really is only 2 months! Hope all goes well for your kids and you survive too;)

Let me know if you're still interested in a Penn State dress- I do have navy and with white polka dot fabric!