Sunday, August 15, 2010


two weeks ago it was official that i was no longer a full-time employee.
i decided to go part-time so that i could pick ben up from his school every day and be home with the older kids when they get off the bus.
i'm still adjusting.

it's still strange not going out to eat lunch or run errands at lunch time.

it's weird to just get up at 1:30 every day and leave my office.

it's such a weird feeling driving home with no rush hour traffic.

to be able to feed the kids their afternoon snacks and get dinner started early.

but so far, we are making the most of it. and being with these little people that i love and cherish, making them a priority in my life, it feels so good.


...Nancy said...

since you have time to prepare dinner...when you gonna invite me over? ;-)
so glad this could work out for you and your family!!!

meg duerksen said...

that has to be such a great change for everyone.
whether they say it or not.....they LOVE that you are the one doing all those things for them. and that YOU are there.
happy for your big change!

Anonymous said...

Super jealous.....but so happy for you and the kids! Hugs!