Monday, August 9, 2010

are you kidding me?

is this seriously the best picture i could get of the kids on the first day of school?

josh grabbing his crotch (and what the heck happened to his hair between the living room and the front step??!!), anna acting disinterested and giving the fake smile, and ben just doing his own thing/trying to escape.

well, now that i think about it, this picture perfectly captures their personalities.
i guess it's a keeper...or maybe i'll try again tomorrow!


Adrienne said...

LOL- very funny! Got a good laugh, thanks!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry...I am totally cracking up at this one. I LOVE first day of school pictures ;). Anna's hair is so stinkin' cute like that. I love the t-shirt Josh is wearing with the robot. And Ben is hilarious...that expression is too much.

Glad you posted this.