Thursday, August 19, 2010


sometimes i pray that ben will really start talking more.
i think it, i yearn for it, i pray for it.

there are other days where i pray for the patience to wait.

and then there are days when i pray that he'll never, ever change:
that he'll stay this age forever,
that his hands will stay forever this small,
that his little nose will stay like a button,
that his eyelashes will always be so wispy and long,
that his little bitty ears stay so nibbly,
that his chunky toes stay chunky,
and that he will always run to me when he's hurt or needs a hug.

i bet God thinks i'm pretty fickle.
because while i'm anxious for ben to move forward in his speech development, i'm also anxious about moving forward in my mommyhood development.
but i know my baby will be my baby forever. and i can't help but thank Him for that.


Kelli said...

Great post Amy...and thanks for my comment the other day :)

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i know just what you mean. thank goodness He understands us better then we do ourselves.