Sunday, August 1, 2010

jump in!

the kids are going completely stir-crazy.
i can't blame them.
it's hot outside and we are all running short on fun ideas.

the other day i turned off the t.v. and told them to play together.
play something fun.
make a new game.
just NO MORE staring at a t.v.!!!!

so they put their heads together.
grabbed every throw pillow they could find.
and a couple of couch cushions.
and a blanket or two.
and made a BIG pile in the middle of the living room.
then they took turns jumping in.
for over an hour.

a few observations about this little activity:
ben was not afraid at all.
and i'm pretty sure it was the best physical therapy he got all month.
anna adores spending time with josh. she still idolizes him so much so.
josh is more of a leader than i give him credit for.
even though i didn't want them to get hurt, i didn't stop them from making a mess and jumping off my furniture.
it's only furniture after all.


Adrienne said...

so fun! and I still love your decor;)

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

i love this kind of fun! my son begs to do this and so kind of save it in my pocket and only pull it out every once in a while so it stays really special and cool.