Thursday, August 12, 2010

school start update

crazy times at our house these past few days.
i actually used the words dilly dally yesterday.
what does that even mean?
crazy times indeed.

getting up at 5:30am sucks. i hate it. it's still dark and that's not natural!
the kids all seem happy about school so far.

anna loves her teacher.
the other night i told her it was time for bed and she said, "i don't care if i go to be early--i love school and i want to wake up early tomorrow to go back!"

josh thinks it's going ok.
of course last night he finally confessed that school stinks because of all the work.
that boy would rather play football 24/7.
well duh.

ben's doing great and is slowly getting used to his new school and the new faces.
every afternoon when i pick him up, he's been sound asleep.
poor boy is tuckered out!
but so far, so good.
thanks to everyone who's asked! :)

football started several weeks ago but this week has been josh's first time in pads.
talk about cute.

anna's gymnastics class started last night.
she got the #1 sticker for the class because she tried so hard.
she was very, very proud of herself.

i should have got the SUCKER sticker because i bought her a leotard at the gym for $37.
totally should have gone to target and spent $150 on one--well the leotard would have only been $15 but i would have found another $135 worth of awesomeness to throw into my cart.
maybe i made a good decision afterall.

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Anonymous said...

I have been saying dilly dally for over a year now....just rolls off my tongue some mornings....glad to know I am not the only one....I am so getting old!