Tuesday, August 31, 2010

sitting in the car line thoughts

{i scribbled some notes in my notebook while waiting to pick up ben.
i'm always thinking, writing, journaling. it's an addiction.}

i'm waiting for ben in the car line.
i'm pretty proud of myself. car #6 of about 30. he'll be happy about that!

i'm listening to the radio. it's 2-for-tuesday again today and led zeppelin is on.
d'yer mak'er makes me feel like i'm 18.
and now i want to watch school of rock.

in college, a few friends and i wanted to start a rock band (even though none of us could play a musical instrument) and call it "Oatmeal Fury."
my friend alaina even drew an angry quaker oats man as our logo. for t-shirts and stuff.

i totally forgot to braid anna's hair this morning. oops.
she has a new friend at school who always has perfect braids and curls.
anna wants to be just like her.

do you remember that song by cake? short skirt, long jacket?
that was a funny song.

oh good, now the song from the breakfast club is on.
when i was a preteen, that used to be my favorite movie--until i called my uncle bob a dildo because i had no idea what that was and my aunt told me it was a "fake penis" and i wanted to die right then and there. true story!

and on that note...
that's all i wrote.
how's that for random?
it's time for some homework! :)


Kimberlee said...

I love your random posts. I love getting to know you like that.

No you didn't call your uncle that!

And I always liked Breakfast Club, but Pretty in Pink was my favorite!

Kylie Mc said...

omg! too funny (the uncle part)! :D