Saturday, September 4, 2010

our faded garden

the intense summer heat has left our yard and garden in a sad state.
surviving a long dry humid summer in the south is next to impossible--only the toughest plants make it.

but this evening, as the sun started to disappear to the other side of our home, our little family ventured out back to pitch a tent, relax around a fire, and enjoy the beginnings of fall.

a change of season is imminent. it's almost tangible--a new found coolness and crispness linger in the air.
and as i observed summer's wrath around the garden, i found the faded flora and dilapidated foliage to be quite breathtaking.

tomorrow we'll be trimming, pruning, and deadheading.
most of summer's remains will be raked away and disposed of.
then the garden will be ready for my most favorite of seasons: autumn.

happy labor day, friends.

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Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

we did the same this weekend and it feels so good to see it all gone. can't wait for fall to arrive!!