Thursday, October 28, 2010

fun links

i like to share. i'm a giver. what can i say? :)
so, in the spirit of giving, check out these awesome links to some neato stuff.
just for fun.
(and for wasting time.)

check out jessica's "new" kitchen!
the power of paint...i think it's almost as beautiful as she is now.

check out more drop cloth love at home & harmony.
this house is drop dead gorgeous.

check out some more craigslist love here.
a little sweat and effort turned this table into something straight out of a catalog.

check out...happy tape??
this is brilliant! why didn't i think of this?

check out ashley ann's daughter's ruffled jacket.
i MUST make one of these!!!

check out...julie always posts the most lovely stuff.
and this is no exception..

and finally, for you locals, madison is getting a target!
hip, hip, HOORAY!!

happy clicking!

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