Tuesday, October 19, 2010

weekend mornings

sunday morning we woke up extra early and stayed in our pajamas until it was time for sunday school.
the morning, thankfully, seemed to linger and the clock seemed to slow down.
we sat around the house, in our pajamas, just chilling.

a lazy game of uno started and lasted for hours.

anna gave up and started again later.

it was very CHILL.
just like i like every weekend morning should be.

let's talk about something very important!
what should i put on this wall?
anything else? a couple of plates? some pictures? art?


jessica kiehn said...

some wall vases with pretty flowers in there. get fake ones so you don't have to keep real flowers in constantly (obviously).

maybe big iron rustic keys?
Like you said, plates would be good too.

...Nancy said...

framed postcards?

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

i like the plates idea. three different one, but that are all mainly whitish though. maybe? it could give you a great excuse to cruise to the thrift store and you know i'm all over any excuse to go there. :)