Wednesday, November 3, 2010


what to say today?
{tapping fingers on keys}

i don't really have much on my mind tonight.
well, actually, that's a lie.
of course i have stuff on my mind. but it's silly stuff.

for instance:
--i must get the halloween candy out of my house.
i have no will power whatsoever.

--why is whatsoever one word? weird.

--anna keeps singing patriotic songs she's learning for her first grade program at school.
i can't remember any of the words!
i just keep humming along.

--it rained today and was cold too.
i miss my flipflops already.

--i made a big Christmas shopping purchase from toys r us this week.
we are sticking to three presents per child this year but it's harder than i thought.

--i had a moment the other day where i just sat down and cried about ben's speech (or lack thereof).
it felt good to get it out and move on.

--it's still so dark out in the mornings that i feel hungover getting out of bed.

--i'm worried about josh's tooth.
but he looks much better now that he's on antibiotics for a couple of days.

--i miss my parents.
they are in new jersey.

--i have the best officemate.
i really love her.
she's a great friend and i feel like i can tell her anything.

--i am addicted to coffee.

--i forgot how much i love reese's cups and skinny tootsie rolls.

--ben pooped on the potty tonight four times!
good boy (who ate many baked beans for lunch apparently)

--what should i ask for for Christmas?

--do i feel like folding clothes? (no.)

--but i better so i have some underwear to wear tomorrow. (very important, eh?)

and lastly, the customary, non-related but adorable picture to bring this random post of nothingness to a close.

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