Friday, November 19, 2010

i want to vent.

but honestly, it's past my bedtime and i'm feeling it.
i just typed "today was a crappy day" but then i quickly deleted it.
it was crappy, in many ways, but then again it wasn't in many more ways.
and since thanksgiving is just around the corner, i don't think it would be fair for me to write about the crap when there's so much good.

here's a quick list of good, all from today:
-i spent a few hours shopping with my mom, digging through piles of fabric and helping her decorate her porch. it was so fun.
-my friend nancy told me i brighten her day. that made me smile.
-my friend tricia told me she missed me. i miss her too.
-i heard my friend blythe's voice for first time in a long time. and it sounds the same.
-ben fell asleep snuggling next to me on the couch and i laid with him for a couple of hours. it was magical.
-anna and josh played together tonight so well. no t.v. no fighting.
-it's friday and the weekend is here. so thankful.

my eyes are closing on me and i continue typing with them closed.
it's time for bed.
and i'm thankful for that too.


Shelly said...

There is a lot of good out there, but gets muddled in all the "stuff." Keep looking for that "small" ray of sunshine peeking through.

Thanks for sharing your creative side and the creative spaces blog. I'm already thinking about reworking some areas. Keep Smiling!

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

that is such a good list. so glad that your "crappy" day had bright moments too.

...Nancy said...

...i got props on your blog! I feel like a celeb...all I need now is a big purse, little dog, and good hair.
Seriously, you know how I feel about you -and I know it's mutual. Keep brightening everyones day with this blog!