Friday, November 5, 2010

just for fun.

our house is still littered with different things we used for our pumpkin carving party.
case in point: large blue beverage tubs and coolers in the living room.

which, it turns out, makes for some perfect climbing and hiding fun.

i'm glad they've enjoyed them for now. they'll be put up tomorrow along with the rest of the halloween decorations.

on the agenda this weekend?
haircuts for everyone, closet cleaning and the last of the yard work.
but it's going to be a chilly weekend for us, southerners.
it's going to be in the 50's--we may have to break out the hats and gloves! :)

hope you have a lovely weekend!

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Laura Lee said...

this sounds so much like my week that I had to comment... except up here its getting into the 20's at night and we are about to see the first snowflakes... so yard works is waiting a few more days!