Sunday, November 14, 2010


i found this worksheet in anna's sunday school folder.
and it sure made me smile BIG today.

i sure am grateful for being chosen to love and care for these little people.
some times i feel like screaming and running away--keepin it real here guys--because raising kids is hard, hard work.
but i am very grateful for the opportunity to try.


Anonymous said...

So sweet! Makes you smile, doesn't it? It is in those moments that you know all the rest of the "stuff" doesn't matter....

Kimberlee said...

I feel loved for you! Awesome.

Adrienne said...

So sweet!!!

Harper always says "mom, you're the best mom I ever had!!!" LOL-thanks sweetheart, I say. Kids-they can drive you bonkers but they can melt your heart at the same time. It's all worth it!