Tuesday, November 16, 2010

more random

it's a blustery day out there.
fact: i played winnie the pooh in my first grade play entitled "winnie the pooh and the blustery day."
i was so fearless then.

today i wore a sweater that made me feel like my back was hanging out all day and a pair of clogs that are ugly and need to be donated and i felt yucky all day because of it.

but...i'm having some fun planning a teeny tiny baby shower for a friend.
i love baby showers.
babies are such blessings.

so i had to go shopping for napkins and such and ran to target today.
and had a wonderful pumpkin spice latte. yum.

i bought a couple of ornaments for ben's tree.
these are adorable--ben now has the lion and i'm hunting for the others.
i also got some other crocheted ornaments but i can't find the links online.
but they are sweet, soft and unbreakable--a must for a three-year old's tree.

i also broke down and bought myself a new to-go coffee cup.

i needed it.
and i love it.

more random thoughts.
am i crazy, please tell me, because i can't stop looking through the black friday circulars already! click here to if you are crazy too and want a peak.

and i'm starting to gather supplies to make these napkin rings for our thanksgiving dinner at nana's.

they are so cute (and old school) i want to kiss them!

have you ever heard of the word din?
me neither!
that's one of josh's vocabulary words this week and i have to look it up to see what in the world it meant.

that's it.
hope you enjoyed your blustery day, too.


Mikayla Lynne said...

Amy your always sendin me to target a love we share LOL love the cup too I might have to copy :-p

Tara said...

I have that cup too!.. I come to your blog, read a lovely post.. then spend an hour on your inspired list! I like your taste. Thanks for leading me to so many new crafts etc.