Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my daughter.

saturday i took anna to get our hair cut.
she loves going to the salon with me, getting her hair shampooed, sitting in the big girl chair, wearing a cape.
and i love watching her, checking things out and acting so grown up.

sometimes, i still can't believe i have a daughter.
how/when did this happen???!!?
where did this little wonderful creature come from?
i love every ounce of her.


Kimberlee said...

You are very lovely ladies...who look very much alike. :)

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

two peas in a pod! you both look great with your new haircuts!

daughters really are a marvel, aren't they. i'm just beginning to discover that myself.

suzanne briggs said...

Seriously love this pic of u two!!! Must be framed!!! Love the Mom and Mini Me look alike cuts!! Missing u!!

jessica kiehn said...

she is so stinkin pretty. she looks EXACTLY like john and EXACTLY like you at the same time. And that makes for one cutie!

...Nancy said...

great pic! miss you...see you Friday. I need coffee! hugssss