Monday, November 29, 2010


the wind is whipping outside.
in my bedroom i can hear it howling around the corner of my house.

it feels like winter tonight.

this sight is still a little bit strange to me:

my sweet baby girl playing on the computer--completely confident and comfortable.

perched next to her daddy...together but each doing their own thing.

the animals are feeling the cold tonight too.
they are staying close to us, cuddling on the cozy floor.
my bonnie girl (the black doggie) is getting more and more gray.
her face is almost completely salt and peppered now.

but buck, well, he still looks like a happy, plump, sleepy puppy, to me.

anna brought home a Christmas list from school today.
at the top of list?
a hamster.

26 days 'til the big day.
guess i better take my fall wreath off the front door and put up some lights, huh?
not tonight.
i'm going to make a cup of tea and curl up on that cozy sofa instead.

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