Saturday, December 18, 2010

crazy town.

i made a list of the kids' activities this week.
it was overwhelming.
then i scribbled "crazy town week" at the top.
very appropriate.

we survived.
i'd love to report that things here are just merry and bright but i would be lying.
the kids are sarcastic and bored, ben has been a pill and my house is still a mess.
but there have been MOMENTS of merry and bright.

like this morning when all three kiddos were eating cereal together at the kitchen table. they looked so cute together, so very norman rockwell.

like later this morning when i was shopping at walmart (well before the crowds) and i had a conversation with the cashier. she was bagging some christmas dog treats we picked up and told me how cute they were. i told her we had to get some for our dog, he would feel left out on christmas morning--since he thinks he's a person. then anna told the cashier, "and sometimes, my little brother thinks he's a dog!"
(and yes, sometimes he does)

like this afternoon when the kids unwrapped an early christmas present from my bff: twister! they laughed and played NICELY for two hours straight!
that was beyond great.

these are the moments that have brought me through and kept me going this week.

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...Nancy said...

missed you...see you tomorrow...need coffee! :-)