Monday, December 27, 2010

Mrs. Edie

I only thought about her four or five times in the past week.
Like when I bought the winterberry candle at target.
Or when I found my copy of her recipe for the best ever beef stew.
Or when I made her grannie's fudge and needed my stretchy pants just like she said I would!

Last night I hopped on my google reader and found, to my horror, that she is in the middle of great personal loss.
Her beautiful lake home burned to the ground early last week.
Thankfully her family got out in time, but the house is a total loss.

As is typical, she is clinging to Our Lord, and thanking Him even. This is Edie.

Please pray for her and her family as they work heir way through this challenging time.
All our love Edie.

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edie said...

we are humbled and grateful for friends like you, to bear our burdens. thank you for prayers and love and care.