Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i love me some good music.

music plays such a big part of my life.
some people can see something or smell something and it triggers a memory.
for me, it's all about music.
i hear a song, and instantly, i'm transported back to specific time and place and memory.
like magic.

today i sat in the car line, picking up ben from school and i started thinking about music.
i quickly jotted down a list of songs, right off the top of my head, that send me back...so i thought i'd share. you could probably use a good laugh anyhow. :)

kiss on my list/hall and oates: i'm 5 or 6 and my aunt bon keeps asking me to sing this to her. she thinks i sound adorable.

billie jean/michael jackson: i'm 8 and in love. i grab my thriller album and doodle a big heart. inside i write amy+michael.

pour some sugar on me/def leopard: i'm maybe 12 and all my friends have slept over my house for my birthday party. we are watching mtv, singing from the top of our lungs in my old house.

red red wine/ub40: i'm 13ish and my best friend just got back from cali and brought this tape with her. it's awesome. summer is the best.

roxanne/the police: i'm 15 and my boyfriend is singing this to me in my dining room. i'm smiling at him. oh my goodness he's so dreamy.

dy'er maker/led zeppelin: i'm 16 and this song sounds best when played at the highest volume on my stereo.

i would walk 500 miles/benny and joon soundtrack?: i'm 17 and standing in my room in the new house. my boyfriend played this song over and over on my answering machine and now the tape is full.

peace train/natalie merchant: i'm 18 and living at the beach with my friends. we are standing in the living room of our crappy beach house that we love, singing this song over and over again. i feel so free.

interstate love song/stone temple pilots: i'm 19 and driving home from college. it's fall, the leaves are beautiful and the top is down on my jeep.

jagged little pill (the whole album)/alanis morrisette: i'm 19 or 20 and ross and rachel just kissed! OMG.

son of a preacher man/dusty springfield: i'm 20 and dancing on my friend's coffee table. there is lots of cheap beer involved.

doin' it/ll cool j: i'm 21 and curling my hair, getting ready to go out with the girls. jill just let me borrow her favorite pair of vintage jeans. they fit perfectly.

sleep to dream/fiona apple: i'm 22 and it's 5am. blythe and i just stayed up all night talking. she is my bestest friend in the whole world. how am i going to move away and be without her?

kiss/prince: i'm 24 and my wedding reception has officially started.

underneath it all/no doubt: i'm 26 and a new mom. josh loves to dance around the kitchen to this song. his little legs are growing so fast.

when you were young/the killers: i'm 32 and driving to a friend's house for girls night. i put on some lip gloss and roll the windows down. i feel alive. for the first time since becoming a special needs mom, i feel like myself.

.....are you tired of this yet??
because i could write a book on this stuff.
wait, i just sorta kinda did. oops.


ParkerMama said...

You are so right. The song truly remembers when, doesn't it?

(I think that's even the name of a song. :D )

Tammy and Parker

...Nancy said...

never say goodbye, bon jovi - 12'ish, homecoming dance...slow dancing with richard or steven or whatever his name was. hahaha...
yes, songs do it for me too!

Lisa said...

Oh no, you got me started making my list. I'm the same way, a song will take me right back (to all the memories of that time, including the way I felt...even if I think I have forgotten). Music, like writing, is cathartic. xoxo