Wednesday, January 12, 2011

just the every day.

schools have been closed for three days straight.
and even as the sun shines this morning, more snow is falling. it isn't exactly a blizzard, just big puffy white flakes slowly falling.
these are the glittery kind of flakes, the finishing sparkly kind.

ben says "uh oh" whenever he does something he shouldn't be doing.
just now he threw some matchbox cars down the hallway and the big bang was followed by a big "UH OH!"
(he used to say this all the time, but somewhere along the way he lost it. now it's back and in his everyday speech again!)

josh and anna spent the night at my parents last night.
with ben in bed early, john and i chilled on the sofa, by the fireplace, and watched parenthood.
do you watch this show? please say YES! it is so good.
there are actually so many things i could write about how much i love this show but i don't want to sound like a nut. because i am nutty about it! :)

i have a $250 gift card to pottery barn that expires in a few days and i can't figure out what to buy!! isn't that insane?

i took some horrible pictures of my bedroom and planned to post them but i can't bring myself to do it.
they are all grainy and dark...bah. i hate it when that happens.

ben is eating a pop tart right next to me and i want to eat it too. yuck.
i know they aren't the greatest thing but it looks i must go make myself something yummy for breakfast now! (ben is already on his 2nd breakfast! little piggy)

have a wonderful day!


Kimberlee said...

Did I read that right?
$250 at PB and you don't know what to get????
Get thyself there right now. Go. Drive through every snowbank to get there. It will be worth it. another gift certificate with your gift certificate to give you some more time. You can do that, right????

...Nancy said...

i hear ya' on the pop tart...being home for consecutive days made me want to eat everything in the pantry. even the fiber bars that i know give me gas...
you are missed at work. :-(
ps - i threw the bars away!

Joy said...


I haven't ever commented on your blog before...which I found awhile back through a friends(and I love it). BUT I am dying to ask you about your couch. Is that a slipcover or couch that came slipcovered? I desperately need to do something with my couches but have my own Ben (2 yrs old) who we call WB, short for wrecking ball. =)

SouthernProletariat said...

Cassie still misses Anna! (found your blog through Whatever, of all things!)...need to get the girls together when all the snow is gone...

jen said...

I talk about Parenthood like they're my friends or the extended family I wish I had. Nutty? Who cares!