Friday, January 14, 2011

poppy's got some new shoes.

the other day my parents came over to visit.
when they were getting ready to leave, my dad slipped on these booties and john started laughing so hard.

he didn't realize they were just the inserts to his winter boots and really thought that poppy was going around town wearing silver sparkly booties!

just then, in true poppy style, he started dancing with the kids and showed john just what those sparkly booties could do!

(i'm hysterical laughing at these photos right now. i can hear the giggles and the roars of our laughter and my dad singing some quickly pieced together boogie down song while he danced. my dad makes me so happy.)

those sparkly booties and gettin' down in the foyer made my whole day.

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...Nancy said...

go heavy, go heavy, go!