Saturday, January 8, 2011

so far.

so far this weekend i've...

--read a book (yeah for me!): mr. darcy's obsession. i love anything to do with pride and prejudice. can't help myself.

--got an eye exam. i am getting glasses. YEESH! but i don't have to wear them all the time. for now anyways.

--watched a few new shows on hgtv. yea for new decorating shows!

--braved walmart. the south is bracing for another SNOW storm tomorrow night.
everyone must go get bread and milk before a storm. when you move to the south they make you take an oath that you will get the required bread and milk when the "s" word is even mentioned. so we did.

--put fresh pink tulips in a mason jar on my kitchen table. they make me happy.

--emailed a close friend who is hurting today. i hope i said the right thing, the thing that will bring him peace and let him know how much i love him.

--talked to my mom for an hour. she's crazy fun. i love that she is just around the corner.

--cuddled a cranky toddler and kissed his sweet smelling head about 100 times.

--daydreamed about summer breezes, running barefoot through the grass, working in the garden...

ahhhhh. looks fun doesn't it?
oh well, bring on the snow!

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...Nancy said...

you're a busy bee! how was the book? i started a new one this weekend 'what happened to my life: finding new passion, purpose, and joy' - has a 40 day plan for reclaiming your life. watch out 2011...i'm gonna rock your world! and, i am googling craft ideas. :-)