Thursday, February 10, 2011


do you have this book?

my mom picked it up for anna last year and it has become a favorite for sure.

yes, i'm trying very hard to ignore the armpit hair, pee pee and poop josh drew on his picture.

anna is so detail-oriented.

ben is not.

we are home on yet another snow day and this book kept all the kiddos busy while i made breakfast and lunch.

i don't know about you, but any book that can bring my kids together and keep them happy for that long deserves its own post. :)


Chrissie Grace said...

Oh, I'm going to have to get this! My kids would love it!

Adrienne said...

You've got some artists on your hands! Laughing at Josh's picture though;)

...Nancy said...

Ben's expression in the last pic...pure joy!

Danett said...

I just bought the book "Doodle Bugs" for my kids. It gets them to practice drawing, but at the same time incorporates facts about bugs. Great book... I love these!

Southerner said...

I am visiting from Meg's blog and am soooo jealous you went to Meg's house, that is the ultimate! She mentioned someone was from AL so I had to do detective work and see you live in my town!!! So now I am really jealous b/c you didn't invite me to ride along :) Just wanted to say hi and I just love your home and photos of the kids and projects.

niki said...

my boys love the doodle books. we have one that is just for boys....with pirates, superheroes, etc. i did see at sam's club there are ones for girls....princesses, animals, etc.
they work great for car trips and keeping the kids entertained while on vacation.

meg duerksen said...

i hAVE THis book in my amazon cart! i keep thinking i will get it one of these days.

and my kids would draw the same things!!!

and i LOVE that picture of ben!

kate said...

hope you don't mind that i linked to a post of yours..(if you do i'll remove it!)...really like reading your blog..thanks for sharing!