Tuesday, February 22, 2011

every monday afternoon.

i listen to anna do her speech homework.
this week she had to practice more 's' words.

to get her to say the sound correctly, she starts every repetition with:
't' 't' 't' 's' 's' ___________ (the word she is supposed to say)

saying the 't' and 's' sounds help get her place her tongue in the correct position.

i just like watching her exaggerate everything.

she's so squirmy.
and pretty darn cute too.

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Kayla said...

She is very cute! My 3 year old has trouble with some words too - I am going to try the t-t-t-s-s....word thingie and see if it helps her. I haven't corrected her for so long because I thought it was cute the way she pronounced things - but now as she is getting older - I am thinking ooops!