Saturday, February 5, 2011

stir crazy.

we are all a bit sick of being stuck inside.
this cold weather is the pits!
josh doesn't like to leave the warm couch and blanket.
he's under there somewhere!

even the dogs are cuddly, trying to stay warm.

ben keeps signing 'shoes' and opening the back door.
poor thing doesn't realize just how cold it is.
we have been watching tons of movies.
and lots of word world and sponge bob.

in a desperate attempt to keep our hands and minds occupied, i raided the craft room.
i found these big bottle caps used for a christmas project a couple years ago.
this time we went for more of a valentine's day/friendship/springy theme.

fun and easy bottle cap magnets. (these are still wet. they will dry crystal clear in a few hours.)

of course i stole the idea from meg. (the link to meg's has some other AWESOME ideas that i have used too. click it!)

we could have made these for hours.

it was so relaxing and kept us happy for a quite a long while.

then I cleaned the kitchen and made dinner and cleaned the kitchen again.
i made the yummiest pizza with spinach, artichokes, chicken and alfredo sauce.

so good for a cold winter day.
so good in fact, i may need to stop typing and get another piece!
have a warm, cozy night, friends!


Kelly said...

mmmm...that pizza looks yummy! What a great day!

Kimberlee said...

Those bottle caps look like fun.

Great pic of the springy. I needed that.

Recipe for the pizza, please!

Danielle Farley said...

The bottle caps are so pretty and please tell me you are going to post the recipe for that pizza:)

meg duerksen said...

i can tell it was relaxing.
it looks like it to me.

Amanda said...

oh that pizza looks gooood!

Kimberly said...

They say 'misery' loves company so I must thank you for this post -- finally a kindred 'stir crazy' spirit -- YAY! I'd love it if you'd share the pizza recipe as well -- it looks delicious!

Kylie Mc said...


ParkerMama said...

I think being snowed in at your house would be totally delightful!

Tammy and Parker