Sunday, March 27, 2011

ben's birthday.

yesterday was a quiet rainy day, spent lounging around the house in our pjs, eating leftover pizza, stuffing ourselves with cupcakes.

we watched all of ben's favorite movies: toy story, toy story 2, barbie in a mermaid tale (he loves it!), and word world.

ben opened his gifts by himself.

he got a new soccer goal and ball, a new basketball,

some color wonder coloring books, and a bubble machine with bubbles.

i think he was pretty pleased with himself, but i honestly think he would have opened presents for hours. he loved the wrapping paper!

josh decorated the cupcakes, dunking each one into a bowl of jimmies until they were each well coated.
they were so colorful and pretty!

ben sat perfectly still while i lit the candles.
he was mesmerized.
we sang and cheered and he still couldn't take his eyes off the candles.

i hoped this year would be the year he blew out his candles but it wasn't to be just yet.
he took one bite of his cupcake and made a sour face. guess he wasn't diggin the jimmies.

so he had pringles instead and was content. :)

the rest of the day was more of the same: rain, rain, cupcakes, movies, more rain.
but i really don't think ben minded one bit.
he was so happy to have us all together, surrounding him with smiles, laughs and giggles.

four years old.
i can hardly believe it.


Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday Ben!! Such a sweetie!!

Chrissie Grace said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy.
It's so bittersweet to watch them grow up, isn't it?s

Shelly said...

Happy Blessed Birthday, Ben!

Kimberlee said...

I love love love that last picture!
It looks like even though it rained it was the perfect day. Ella's still working on blowing out candles too. It will come.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEN BOY!!! Wish we were there to sing to you!!!

Kayla said...

Happy Birthday, Ben! More cupcakes for you I guess...although, personally, I would have a tough time picking between Pringles and cupcakes! That boy has some seriously long, beautiful eyelashes! I love the one with the wrapping paper flying around the brothers!!!

meg duerksen said...

happy birthday ben!!!
way to go mommy for FOUR years of loving!