Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hi there march.

so it's the first day of march.
somehow it feels like we made it out of winter and are sailing straight into spring.
thank goodness!

i saw my first ant of the year.
i totally smiled at him.
i also saw my first spider.
i did not smile at him. yuck.

the birds have been everywhere. especially in our wild climbing rose (that needs a good trim).

at one point, after i put down my camera, there were 11 little birds in there!!

so spring is here.
i need a pedicure.
i also need to plant something in my pots on the front porch.
they have sat empty for far too long.
maybe i should pack away all my winter clothes. i am sick of them.
bring on the capris and tank tops.

anyways, not much to say today.
i've been busy at work and my mind has been focused on that.

ben has been making huge strides in his speech lately and that's been exciting.
baseball and softball are starting this week so that's exciting too.
john is in the middle of his very last semester of grad school and then he'll officially have his master's degree. and that's exciting too!

and me, well, i have craft night on thursday! nothing is more exciting than that, right?
i just jinxed myself.
ben just stood right in front of me, took off all his clothes and peed on the floor.
always something.
always something.

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...Nancy said...

you totally cracked me up! when ya' gotta go...you gotta go... :-)