Thursday, March 31, 2011

i am humbled.

by this post by shauna at the reed life.

she wrote simply about how a passage in a book sang to her.
it sang to me too.
i felt that i was meant to read it.

so many times, when i wonder HOW in the world i became a special needs mom, when i'm at my wits end or scared or trying so hard to keep my head held high in this sometimes sad and lonely place, i remember WHY in the world i became a special needs mom--
because i was chosen.
there was a command for me.
"be it unto me..."

these very words touch me like never before.


Heather at Life Made Lovely said...

oh friend, i needed this post today. needed the reminder. thank you.

Kayla said...

Wow - what a good reminder for all of us. I especially liked thinking about these 2 things in a way I haven't before - that we are to be pillars - put into a certain place to carry a certain amount of weight - and that Mary may have had plans for herself, like not being known as someone's mommy! Those are going to stick with me and wander around my mind for a while! Thanks for the link.

meg duerksen said...

that is so beautifully said!!!
i forget.
so many times i forget.
my kiddos make me crazy and i think "why? why do they act this way after being shown so much love?"
this is a reminder.
i am called to be the one who guides them.
leads them. teaches. shows how to come back. shows how to forgive.
be it unto me that i could be their mom.
not a burden.....not an exhausting chore.
but yet i forget.
over and over.