Monday, March 14, 2011

love always wins.

i bought this today.

from here.
and i also bought these butterflies too.
i am a total copycat and i want to make this for my craft room.

kelly rae roberts is one of my new finds.
and i think her stuff is pretty much the cat's meow.
her blog is lovely too.


in other lovely news, guess who lost her very first tooth yesterday?
this sweet little monkey.

she pulled it out while sitting on the potty!
the tooth flew across the room and she had no idea where it had gone.
she was yelling, asking me to help her.
i walked into the bathroom and found her (still on the toilet) with a huge ball of toilet paper full of blood, a mouth full of blood, SMILING BIG, but no tooth.

i now know that my bathroom tile is not sand colored afterall. it is baby tooth colored! i crawled on my hands and knees, slowly gliding my hand over the entire floor searching for it.
finally, i found it behind the door, carefully concealed in the grout.

then since no one was home, she proceeded to call everyone!
daddy, poppy, nana, uncle jay.
she was so excited and happy!

late last night the tooth fairy came.
she left some money and some fairy dust--anna left a note politely requesting some. and the tooth fairy did not disappoint!

it was quite an adventure for the two of us!
gotta love that girl.
big time.


Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

I love Kelly's blog too! Her house is adorable. I hope to buy one of her pieces soon :)

...Nancy said...

super sweetness!

Lisa said...

Love your new finds. Anna looks so cute with her missing tooth, and on the phone :).

Can't wait to hear more about you using your camera on manual. You ARE doesn't come naturally to me, either...and frankly, the manual setting scares me.

Handbags*and*Pigtails said...

Yes, Kellys home is AMAZING. Definitely one of my favorites. They did a massive makeover on it and now its magazine worthy. Full of charm and color. Just awesome.