Monday, March 7, 2011


today i found a scrap piece of paper in my purse that i had used to scribble down a bunch of notes on friday.
reading them today made me smile.
i'm a total goofball.

--drove past a church today that had a sign out front that said "under same management for over 2000 years." cute!

--all the pear trees and forsythia bushes are blooming. finally, some color!

--i saw a young asian lady today riding her bike. she was wearing a coat and gloves and had the hood up over her head. i was wearing flipflops and had the sunroof open. it was 68 degrees!

--i got to ben's school 15 minutes earlier than usual. and still, there were four cars ahead of me. what time do these people get here?!

--last night anna had her first softball practice and loved it! i am so proud of her.

--baseball starts tonight. josh has already warned us that he no longer likes baseball at all, only football. ha!

--one of ben's teachers told me today that she wants to stuff him in her purse and take him home with her. she love him so much! and gosh, if that didn't make my day, i don't know what would.

--i think everyone should check out heather's series "eyes wide open" on her blog. it is touching and so worth the read.

my favorite part so far is where she writes, "There is no such thing as other people. There is only people."

the beauty of her story lies in those sentences--don't we all have a story, each with a different flavor? a loss of a parent, loss of a child, loss of a marriage, loss of a dream? and in that loss, the amazing gains that hide themselves until He reveals them, in His time.

i hope you all have a wonderful night.

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Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

I have driven by my kids school around 2:00 and seen several cars waiting. They don't even get out until 2:30!