Thursday, March 10, 2011

our bedroom.

i wrote this post on january 11th.
i never posted it because i knew the pictures were dark and grainy and not up to par.
but i'm officially over it.
it's real and i like this room.
so anyways, here goes...

our bedroom is simple and plain.
the colors used in most of our house are again used here.
i'm not the bravest when it comes to decorating but i sure know what i like.
and i still love lots of white and tan with hints of blue.

the bed has a linen duvet on it from pottery barn. the entire set was on sale for $39 so i bought it. i like the ruffles.

the pillows are from tj maxx. the linen stripe one in the middle was originally a long button up skirt i saw at goodwill for $2. all i had to do was sew two seams along the top and bottom and slip an old pillow in it. (and actually my friend julie did that for me!)

the frame was from hobby lobby and i use old mccoy planters (from goodwill) to hold my bracelets. all my perfume sits on an old silver plate.

this chair was $5 at a yard sale. i had it slipcovered using a queen size matelasse bed spread. the art is from cathy nichols on etsy.

lamps from tj maxx. $29 each, including the shade.

my favorite thing in my bedroom is my simple quilt. found at the country living fair in ohio, it was a christmas gift from my mom last year. it is one of my most favorite things that i own.

my mind is spinning with things i could do to change this room, to bring in more of my personality.

find a pretty mirror, and maybe a bench like this at the foot of the bed, maybe a different furniture layout, maybe paint over the blue walls.

but like with so many rooms in our home, i'm not in a hurry.
i like to collect simple things that i love.
in time, the room will finish itself. (or not.)
either way, it still feels simple and comfy and relaxing and that's what matters most to me.


...Nancy said...

sicky - sick girl...crawl up in that bed and rest it out. hope to hear you are feeling better soon!

stephanie said...

I am just a random reader who happens to LOVE your blog! I have been reading Megs for a while now and that is how I found yours:)
Your bedroom is SO pretty! I think you have such great style/taste and I would not change a thing, except maybe add a bench...not only for the look of it but also the function. I bought a "custom" one from Ethan ALlen a few years ago...what was I thinking it was way to expensive and the one that you are thinking about is just perfect.

Kayla said...

What a peaceful bedroom! I love the little touches of blue -especially the lamps!!!

Kimberlee said...

LOVELY! So calming and so beautiful. You should quit that Nasa thing and do decorating for a living. Seriously, you are good.
Come decorate my house, please?

meg duerksen said...

mirrors......go for mirrors!!!
mirrors make bedrooms more fun. ;)