Thursday, April 7, 2011

sick. sickety sick.

oh my poor little neglected blog.

ben has had quite a time.
strep throat.
double ear infections.
scarlet fever!

then me.
strep throat.
double ear infections.
worst illness of my adult life.

then anna.
strep throat.

now maybe john.
he went to the doctor today to cut it off before it gets bad.

what is going on around here??

josh keeps saying he's the only survivor.
dummy. totally jinxing himself. :)

anyways, today is the first day i've been able to hold my head up for more than ten minutes straight.
i made dinner.
and then i napped.
it's pathetic.

my mom and dad are totally the best.
they have come over every day and watched the kids, made them meals, cleaned up my house, did laundry, everything.
they deserve awards. and hugs. lots of hugs. when we're better.

i'm sorry but this post has no pictures.
unless of course you want to see the scary sight that is my throat.
so i'm hoping beyond all hopes that we are ALL feeling better and back to normal next week.

see ya! wash those hands!


Chrissie Grace said...

Prayers that you will all feel better soon ! :)

Danielle said...

I have been checking your blog daily and thought that you had probably been hit with the sickies since you hadn't done a post since the one about Ben being sick. You've been in my prayers and still are. Praying that your family will be in good health soon:) Get some rest friend.

Kimberlee said...

Oh no, Amy!
I wish I could come over with some soup and leave it at your door. Naturally, I would run home and wash my hands, but still!!!
Feeling so sad that you've all been so sick. Strep is the worst! EVER.

Kayla said...

I was kind of thinking something like that had happened when you were gone so we have been praying for you periodically this week already! Now go lay down again!!!

Lisa said...

I didn't see your "sick" posts until this morning. It sounds like you are all starting to turn the corner, now...but I am so sorry! This winter and beginning of spring has been particularly bad...we had our creeping crud, too...and with 8 people to go through, it lasted like 2 months. But birds are chirping this has to be almost gone, doesn't it? Hugs to you all!! xoxo, Lisa