Monday, May 23, 2011

new pictures.

today i received a weblink that led me to two new pictures of davis.
our boy is growing.

he looks so much longer and thinner.
and i see so much of the sadness that was there before too.

i wish, beyond more than anything else, he was here with us and not at the orphanage.
i want him home.
i want to see him smile.
i want to rub his back and give him kisses on his sweet head.
in many ways, i miss him. how can i miss him when i've never met him.
but i do. i miss him something awful.

i've already received several email offering donations for our fundraiser.
yes, we are planning one.
i am still looking for ideas.
and items.
**if you have anything you would like to donate to our fundraiser, please email me.**
we need your donations and items!
i am working on a post and hope to go live in the next week or so.

a couple of you have already contacted me and i appreciate it so very much!
y'all are so amazing.
i want to give you hugs too.
i guess i'm in a huggy kind of mood! :)

one more very important item: please say a prayer for the davis family.
they are adopting a little boy named kirill and their adoption was denied earlier this year by a russian judge that said because kirill has down syndrome, he was better off in an institution.

tomorrow they will go to the supreme court in his region and plea for a different result.
please pray the judge will grant them kirill, and for kirill, a family to love.
adeye wrote the most beautiful post about it all here.
please take a minute to read it and then pray, pray, pray.


Kylie Mc said...

he is so cute! i pray that things start happening easily and quickly so that your family will be complete.

Lisa said...

I love his sweet little hands! Let's talk about fundraising...I am happy to help!