Friday, June 10, 2011

friday night.

it's friday night.
ben's fast asleep and john took josh to the movies.
anna and i are sharing the couch.
her favorite movie is on.
pretzels are being nibbled.
blankets are being shared.
the living room is filled with a soft warm glow.

sometimes i forget anna is only seven years old.
she is talkative and funny.
she is smart and has a great memory.
she is sure of herself, confident and kind.
she is growing, maturing, changing every day.
and i'm the lucky one who gets to spend my friday night with her.

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jen said...

Hold on to these moments because oh boy are the preteen and teen years a challenge. I feel as sorry for my daughter (most of the time) as I do for myself. She still needs me but just doesn't WANT to need me.