Tuesday, July 5, 2011


my eyes are burning.
i just needed one more day off but alas, my alarm went off at 5:40am today anyway.

john and josh left on friday morning and headed to st. pete, florida to visit his parents and sister.
i held down the fort with the little ones and we had a grand old time.
my house was clean, i caught up on the laundry and we all were in bed by 9pm every night.
we filled the days with swimming, trips to the grocery store and wally world, and lazy afternoons watching movies and eating popcorn for dinner.
it was very chill.  i loved it.

the boys returned home yesterday afternoon--just in time for hamburgers, a few brewskis and fireworks.
the neighborhood was in full force and we let the dads do their thing.

gotta love our awesome neighbors who bring us yummy treats!

this next picture is for meg, kimberlee and the craft girls.
may i introduce you to the neck that started it all.  ahhhhhh.

he had a big laugh when i said, "turn around and let me take a pic of your neck. it's nice and tan now. i promised the girls a good picture."

ben went to sleep early--a long afternoon at the pool will do that to a kiddo--and he slept through the whole shebang (right outside his bedroom window no less!).

josh ran around the cul-de-sac, shirtless, pretending he was putting on a show.
the other boys followed behind him, all running and singing some made-up song, giggling the entire way.

the little girls huddled together, shrieking at the firecrackers as they buzzed and sizzled.

my dad came over and was happiest hangin with the kids, joining in with their conversations, telling little jokes here and there to make them laugh.
all the kids piled into the bed of his truck and set up the perfect viewing area away from the adults.

it was a chorus of oohs and ahhs and exaggerated squeals of joy.
i will miss this age.  the kids are so funny and fun.

another fourth of july, here and gone just like that.
i went to work this morning and had to flip my calendar from june to july.
i had to shake my head in amazement. july already?
and then i had a happy thought.
only five weeks until school starts again.

nah, i won't wish my summer away.
so far it's been just about perfect.


Shelly said...

What beautiful family pictures celebrating our nations birthday. Oh, how I wish a long day at the pool would send everyone to bed early in my home. Not so,dear friend. But, life is good, is it naught?!!

Happy July!

Kimberlee said...

You know that line in When Harry Met Sally...no not THAT line. The one where the older lady says something about knowing he was a good melon....this is what I think of when I think back to that neck conversation. Hysterical. John is such a good sport!

allenaim photography and design said...

That last photo is FABULOUS and the girl's dresses are adorable!

meg duerksen said...

that IS a good one.
i get it.
your restful time sounds lovely.....i want that.

the mcclenahans said...

You make me laugh...it is a lovely neck. :)