Friday, August 5, 2011


this boy sure knows how to giggle.
and work an ipad like a pro.
in case you were wondering, here's what my little love sounds like (and my loud laugh too).
he whispers the letter G, ever so quietly, then explodes with laughter at the goat sounds.

sorry i've been m.i.a. lately.
school starts on monday so we are running, full-steam ahead.
i still have some of the giveaway prizes at my house.
i promise to mail them out tomorrow morning!

i also have an email inbox that is overflowing.
i promise to work on that too.

lots to do, not enough energy or hours in the day.
i'm sure you can relate.

one last tidbit of goodness before i close this computer: we received our last clearance letter in the mail yesterday.
the homestudy is being finalized as we speak, should be ready early next week and then it's time to register with davis' country!

happy friday, friends!


Mariska said...

Love his giggle. And am SO impressed with his fine motor skills, he indeed is very handy with that ipad!

(I am the proud mom of 3 girls, my youngest is 12 weeks and has down syndrome too.)

Natalie said...

This is so sweet. Your laugh is sweet too :) What app. are you using? I have an ipad and I need to do some app shopping for my boys.
Thanks for sharing that video!

Kimberly said...

Is there anything more precious than the laughter of children? Nope, nothing I can think of! Thanks for sharing your precious boy! :)

Lisa said...

Oh, lots of kisses for that sweet little boy with the precious giggle. I have to video Bridget and Alina is one of my favorite things on earth. Little voices and little laughs (and little hands and bellies, too) did we get so lucky??