Sunday, August 21, 2011

little bucky.

i made the mistake of asking anna to come with me to the thrift store.
i only needed to look for large picture frames and maybe any old linens or fabric (for the craft fair i'm doing in october).
she was so happy to come along.

we made our way to the frames and scored a perfect one.
$1.  that's in my price range.
 then we made our way to the fabric and bedding.

anna saw him out of the corner of her eye.
"hey look mommy!  a little bucky!"
she rushed over and picked him up.
his ear was starting to come apart.
"oh nevermind, his ear is coming undone."

she set him back down on the shelf and started to walk away, towards me.

in the time it took her to take five or six steps, she had started to cry.
"no one will want him because he's broken."
she looked up at me with big tears in her big brown eyes.
her lip was trembling.

"well then, " i said, heart completely melted, "we better take him with us so he won't be lonely."
50 cents later...
that's the story of how my sweet baby girl came home with her 1,057 stuffed animal.
he's one lucky little dog.


Shelly said...

I love the heart and the empathy are children share. What begins with a stuffed animal empathy, carries over into real life empathy.

Love our kids and these moments.


Anonymous said...

Aww that is such a sweet story! He is one lucky little pup!!!

coco said...

What a tender heart! Just curious -did ya'll make the fabric ball bracelets that she has on? Would love a tutorial to make them with my girl!

meg duerksen said...

JUST like the story of Corduroy!
i am so dorky that when i read that to my kids i always tear up at the part where he says "this must be a home...i've always wanted a home"'s a bear.
but i lose it.
go read that book to her.

Ann said...

Love the story and OH how I love those bracelets. ;)