Monday, September 26, 2011

getting better.

i have been really sick.
strep throat hit me early this year and it's been kicking my butt.
today i broke down and went to the doctor and got a shot.
and tonight i feel almost human again.
(random collection of pics i'm diggin for ya.)

ben hasn't been 100% either.
wonder if the little bugger got me sick.
but after a long round of bubbles on the back deck, he was laughing and carrying on like the ben boy i know.
then i gave him a big bowl of ice cream (why not?!) and he went to bed a happy boy.

the house is finally cleaned up.
i actually had a semi-breakdown on sunday because the mess was about to kill me.
i finally was awake long enough to notice that john had kicked it into survival mode and the kids were in weekend mode.
made me crazy!
so today i cleaned up.
and made cookies.

josh has bruises all over his little body from football.
he came up to me today and said, "hey mom. check out these new bruises on my back."
he thinks they are cool, like battle scars.
i think they look like the school is going to call us wondering what in the world is happening at home.
tackle football is no joke.
saturday john won his first game of the season after two tough losses.
you go, coach.

did i tell you we have three tree frogs?
josh bought two with his allowance! eek!
and then he found another little one on the playground at school and brought it home IN HIS POCKET!

anna and josh love the miller lite commercials--about taking your man card.
have you seen them yet?
the fish one and the bathroom one.
so funny.

just to let all y'all know, i will be at the madison street festival on saturday selling my crafty stuff.
we will be a couple booths down from the madison cafe.
i couldn't sleep last night thinking of what i need to bring to setup and what's left to do.
this weekend killed me. so i officially decided "enough is enough."

well, you know...for now.
i still have tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday.
ok, just a few more things to do.
but not too much.
doris, i promise all the paint will be dry!

i just googled CRAFT FAIR BOOTH IDEAS.
oh crap.


Danielle said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!

j*e*n said...

So glad you're feeling better! Hope everything comes together easily for the craft fair!

Doris said...

Amy Girl, I know the paint will be try...because you are much more on top of it than I will ever be. I just know you will do well, hope I can make it out to see you. Have fun ....