Thursday, September 15, 2011


yesterday, on my way to pick up ben from school, i made a pit stop at sonic.
i bought us a cherry cream slush to share.

when i got up to the window to pay, i decided, on a whim, to also buy two more--for ben's teachers.
just a little something to thank them for spending their days teaching and loving my busy boy.

the funny thing is, i was in the worst mood driving to sonic but the thought of surprising someone with a gift changed the whole afternoon for me.
giving, even something small like a cherry slush, makes me feel good inside.

what could YOU do today to make someone else happy?

p.s. the canvases and chipboard letters from my last post were bought at michael's. both are 50% off this week. :)


Kat said...

I love this!!! How fun that you turned your mood around by doing something sweet and thoughtful for someone else.

Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

I love this! Imagine how you made their day change too :)

The Wifeyness said...

Thank you!!! :) We were talking about random acts of kindness today @ bible study. I wish I would have read this earlier -- this is a great suggestion!

jessica kiehn said...

Such a good reminder. Blessing someone else truly blesses you. Let's all do it more!

Mrs. Deana said...

Cheryl & I REALLY needed that thought of kindness (& they were sooo YUMMY).
We LOVE having Ben in the room....he keeps us on our toes!!!

Ashley said...

I completely LOVE that you did this - being a preschool teacher myself, I know how it must have made their day :) I have a little lovey that brings me a starbucks every Friday. It's the little things!!

meg duerksen said...

oh i love that. you are so right!!!!!!