Friday, October 28, 2011

this morning i was cleaning out my google reader.
so many blog posts that i would love to read, but just not enough time in the day.
i almost hit the button "delete all" but decided to skim through quickly to see if something caught my eye.

i found a post from my friend natalie that i hadn't read.
i clicked over to find sweet pics of her family on a trip to a farm.
there were pictures of her littles climbing mountains of mulch, feeding animals, riding horses.
the everyday sweetness that we treasure.

she also wrote these words:

Some may wonder if I am dissatisfied with my life, or if I would change it if I could. I never knew my life could be this good. Dissatisfaction and change are the furthest from my mind.

i just couldn't agree more.
so many times, people have asked me what it's like to have a child with down syndrome.
they think of me as someone SPECIAL or someone KINDER than them.
and i think i understand where they're coming from--i think we are all most comfortable being around people who are most like us.
but here's the kicker, kids with down syndrome are just like us!
no foolin!

down syndrome is this teeny tiny part of my life--sure, some days it feels like it's everything, but so does having a bad hang nail!
these kids are GIFTS, as are all other children, typical or not.
they are gifts to be treasured and loved and guided.

dissatisfaction and change are the furthest from my mind.
truer words have never been spoken.


Laura said...


this is so beautiful and true

Kayla said...

Beautifully said! So true! I get the same sort of comments because we have allowed God to bless us with 6 kids, so far....they assume I am more patient and less selfish than they are. I am not. I am just allowing God to bless me. Yes, it is crazy and loud sometimes...but I would not trade it for anything.