Sunday, October 2, 2011

three crafty girls.

a few months ago, while enjoying an early coffee break at work with two friends, an idea was hatched.
what if we did a craft show as a fundraiser for our adoption?
we could each make things we liked and all profits would go to davis.

my two selfless friends were all over it.
in fact, if it wasn't for their enthusiasm and support, i'm not sure i would have had the guts to do it at all.
but we did it.
and man, it was such a HUGE success!
we raised...are you ready??


i counted three times just to be sure.
and each time i was sure i made a mistake.
these wonderful friends banded together and gave me a gift that i will surely never be able to repay.
a gift that means so much to me.
and sitting here typing this with tears falling down my face, i am feeling so grateful.

i know you want to see pictures, so here they are.
thanks to nancy noodle for taking most of them and for being the world's best re-organizer.

i have to say our customers were the friendliest and nicest group of folks i've ever had the pleasure of meeting.
everyone loved our things and made it known.
made me so HAPPY.
we are going to work on some business cards and etsy shop.
or at least another show.
heather hamilton, i know you will be pleased. :)

i can't finish this post without personally thanking a few people.
forgive me for making this into an oscar acceptance speech, but this needs to be said, for me.

jessica mccauley, amanda parker, glenn ferraro, elizabeth howard, melissa hill, heidi bobo, ladonna, kate (susan's friend who caught me with my mouth full of greek food!), deana aumalis, barbara breithaupt, nicole pelfry, tim horvath, carmine bailey and family, and many others that i'm sure i'm forgetting and i'm sorry for that, thank you for stopping by and supporting us.
seeing your friendly faces throughout the day was so comforting.

nancy, thank you for being the world's best greeter and for spending your saturday with us. love you so much!

tricia and cathy, thank you for working for months on your things and for putting up with my bossiness and ever-changing ideas! i love you both like sisters.

mom and dad, without your support this would have never happened. i love you so much!

john and the kiddos, thank you for ignoring the glue gun strings and fabric shreds everywhere and for giving me the time to make this happen. you are my inspiration and the best things i've ever made, ever.

ok, i'm done now.

enjoyed it.
really, really enjoyed it.
have a happy sunday.

p.s. mary b., the number shelf is about 38 inches long, 9 inches tall.  email me if you would like one!


Kim said...

This is AWESOME! Your booth looked fabulous! Such exciting news!

Kim @

meg duerksen said...

so proud of you.
i knew you'd do be awesome!!!!

Kimberlee Jost said...

If I would've been there I'd have gone broke!
So many cute happy it went well!!!!!!!

Mud pies and Moonlight said...

You RAWKED that Madison Street Fest!! So happy it was a hit... I knew it would be!! Sending love and a big ol hug from ME!

Danielle said...

Your booth looked amazing, so proud of you!

Kimberly said...

That was the most inviting booth I've ever seen! BRAVO! You've got some pretty awesome friends! Congrats on the $!

...Nancy said...

Your booth was the PRETTIEST, best DECORATED one at the festival. I am NOT surprised, you have fabulous taste. You are an INSPIRATION to us all...not just for your craftiness, but for your beautiful heart. Love you...and I'll be your tent greeter any time. Next time, I'll wear high heels! ...wait, wrong crowd... ;-)

Danielle said...

I so want that ruffle bag hanging from the door in the first pic with the blue flower! So pretty!

Amy said...

I would LOVE to buy some of your items!!! My sister took her own life in July & I am now raising her two kids with my own daughter & my husband & I want to fill our house with ENCOURAGING decor.... your items would fit right in! Please let me know when you open an ETSY store! -Amy Sawyer from VA :)