Thursday, October 6, 2011


being a mom is a hard thing.
some days the kids are happy and smiley and well-behaved.
some days the kids are cranky and bored and down-right naggy.
yesterday was a tough one.

after school i took all the kids with me to ben's dance class.
josh had other plans--plans he and his friend had concocted during school.
he forgot all about ben's class.
so i ruined everything.
he was miserable and rude, and very much tested my patience.

anna on the other hand was lovely.
ben's class was running low on volunteer helpers (everyone is gone on fall break) so she stayed with ben and helped out.
turns out, she loved it.
and now she wants to volunteer every week.
i was so proud of her.

josh, well, not so much.

this morning, even though the first day of our fall break, all the kiddos piled in our bed before the sun even came up.
i snapped this awful picture on my phone as i was standing in the doorway of the bathroom.

this is real life.

some days are good.
some days are not.
but we are all in this together.
no matter what, we find ourselves together, through all of it.
and oh my goodness, thank God for forgiveness!

well, it's time to start my day.
i need more coffee.
here's to a great day together!

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Anonymous said...

for most these days matter most- the mundane moments of life. when were most ourselves.