Wednesday, October 19, 2011

tonight's thoughts.

is it too early to make my christmas wish list?
it is?
ok, just one thing for now.

these bowls.
(i know, i need another bowl like i need a hole in my head but come on!)


do you read edie's blog?
remember when she lost her home in a tragic fire last year?
she has spent the last year rebuilding her home and her life.

it's been a blessing to ME to be able to follow her journey of recovery.
she has been showing sneak peeks of her new home all month long.
it's sick.
i love every detail.
every stinkin detail.
i'm so very happy for her.


one week ago today, a friend from college's husband passed away.
he was 37 years old.
fighting cancer for 13 long years.
i never knew him.
but reading all the kind words written about him and his amazingly lovely obituary have my head reeling.
we are not guaranteed anything in this life.
when it's my time, what will people have to say about me?
am i kind?
am i fun?
am i inspiring?
what have i done to benefit others?
am i really a good person?
he was.
and many, many loved him.
this part of his obituary made me sob.
i have thought about this passage so many times in the last week.
"...He taught us to make passion a priority and to sacrifice for what you believe in. Ruben married Jennifer Snavely November 6, 2010, and nothing in life made him happier than his wife. They cherished each other and every shared moment. They were a united team in his battle with cancer, at the same time not allowing cancer to get in the way of a beautiful friendship and life together. Beauty and Grace exemplified and personified. Their lesson to us is to choose one another every single day, to never leave anything unsaid, and to live and love every day with no regrets."

his beautiful spirit lives on...


one last thing but it's a biggie.
a family adopting (from the same region as we are) is having some issues.
the judge presiding over their case has been kind to to them but doesn't agree with their desire to adopt TWO children with down syndrome.
she believes two children would be too difficult.
she has the power to deny their adoption, or only allow them to adopt one of the children.
they would have to choose which one!
they go back to court tomorrow (2 or 3am tonight) and could really use your prayers!
would you please pray for the judge's heart to be moved by their plea, to believe in their abilities and desire to make them a part of their family, and to allow them to adopt both children?
many prayers are needed.
thank y'all.


Kimberlee said...

Praying that the judge's heart would be softened.

Lasso the Moon said...

I also have a friend who lost her home to fire a year ago.In fact, they are having their long-awaited open house next Sunday. I look forward to reading that blog. Thanks for letting us all know about it.
p.s. I've raised another few dollars for your Davis fund from my shop. I'm on my way to drop it in your bucket right now!